Recent News

August 31, 2022

An interdisciplinary team of staff and faculty, with Mark Moritz, Nicholas Kawa, Alison Bennett, Rachel Kajfez, Elizabeth Newton, Charlene Brenner, David Sovic, and Yolanda Zepeda has received an…

July 23, 2022

I wrote a review of Profits vs. Preservation: How can shepherds balance the social and ecological costs of livestock grazing on Naxos? for World Development Perspectives. 

July 23, 2022

Our piece The World needs Wicked Scientists was published in American Scientist. Here is the abstract: Many problems facing humanity are so daunting they seem impossible to solve. Among these…

April 28, 2022

We published a short news article for Oryx about how insecurity in the Logone Floodplain in Cameroon has driven thousands of pastoralists to seek refuge in Waza National Park in Cameroon.